Here’s how you can save more with CardsPal’s new Cardculator!

Here’s how you can save more with CardsPal’s new Cardculator!

Manually tracking your credit card benefits on excel may be gratifying for some, but definitely not the majority! Here at CardsPal, saving more with your credit cards has never been easier. We do your research to maximise your credit cards, so you don’t have to.  

If you love our data-driven Cashback Calculator feature (launched in February 2021) and how it automatically computes your estimated cashback amount based on your spend, you’re going to love our newest update – the Cardculator! 

Powered up card recommendations  

What does the Cardculator do? It’s a feature that allows you to view card recommendations in 3 categories, PLUS calculate the cashback for your spend, all on a single merchant page!  

This way, you’d get all the information about your selected brand at a glance. No more toggling between screens to get the data you need. 

3 types of card recommendations 

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In case you’re wondering, the card recommendation goes beyond just cashback. Recommendations are more comprehensive, based on 3 criteria: 

1. CardsPal’s Pick: Card is recommended based on an integrated evaluation of key factors that matter to you, such as the card’s discount cap, minimum spend, cashback rate, and how they compare against other cards from similar categories. 

Why you’ll need this: 

Everyone has their favourite cards, based on their unique lifestyle and habits. It’s hard to imagine a gen Z and retiree sharing the same taste for cards. That’s why it’s tough getting un-biased card recommendations from the people around you.  

We understand. Let our data be your objective payment card advisor. Our system evaluates all the major considerations to provide a holistic recommendation. 

2. Your Best Card: Card is chosen based on the selection process used to determine CardsPal’s pick. However, card recommendation selects only from the cards you’ve added on the app. 

Why you’ll need this: 

CardsPal believes that everyone is unique. We don’t just recommend the best cards with the most attractive perks; we recommend the best cards for you and your wallet! Rest assured that you’re saving the most with the cards that you have. 

3. No Min. Spend: Exactly what it says – card is recommended based on the most cashback with no minimum spend! 

Why you’ll need this: 

Minimum spending requirements are everywhere, whether it’s for a discount, free shipping, or a freebie. Hate the fine print and caveats hidden from plain sight?  

The CardsPal app saves you all that hassle of checking your eligibility. We show you upfront the cards that get you the perks, without any minimum spend! 

Cardculator brings you detailed card recommendations plus cashback calculation! 


Start saving more with your favourite brands, such as Starbucks, Netflix, Lazada, Shopee, Amazon.sg and more! Upon entering the merchant pages, you’ll see these 3 types of card recommendations above the available deals” section. The minimum spend and discount caps are included too for your reference.

A list of other brands where you can get that 8%! 

Click on any of the cards shown to take a closer look! You’ll be presented with a list of other brands where you’d get the same cashback percentage. Efficiency is what we strive for. 

Cashback Calculator at merchant’s page 

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Every bargain hunter knows how important competitor analysis is key. Want to check out whether Lazada or Shopee saves you more for your latest kicks? Simply use the Cashback Calculator on both merchant pages to get a clearer idea.  

Click on the “count your cashback now” button. It’ll show you the estimated cashback amount for your spend amount keyed in. 

Deals, deals deals! 

Don’t just stop there, scroll down to see the deals available as well. The cards needed to snag each deal is displayed prominently. 

Stay tuned! 

We’ve kicked off the launch of our Cardculator function with the more popular merchants on the app. But fret not! This feature will gradually be extended to all brands, to enrich your CardsPal experience! In the meantime, see if the Cardculator applies for your favourite brands by searching for them on the app here. 

Not to mention, we’ve got more surprises on the way. More awesome app features are coming up, such as the air miles and points calculator to help you save more.  

Remember to stay calm and keep CardsPal-ing! 

Get the Best deals on the CardsPal App!

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