Merchant Terms & Conditions

Last updated 21 September 2020


You may contact CardsPal Pte. Ltd. using the form on this page in order to request trial access to our merchant platform. If we accept your request, we will confirm in writing to you, and you will be granted access.


By becoming merchant partner in our trial, you agree that:


– We may choose to reproduce information about you, such as promotions, on our mobile application and website.

– You will honour promotions that you have informed us about.

– You will update us of any changes to the information we have about you, such as changes to your promotions, as soon as possible.

– You will inform us if you are aware of any mistakes in the information on our mobile application or website.

– We may remove information about you at any time for any reason from our mobile application or website.

– You are not in a formal partnership or agency arrangement with us.

– You acknowledge we make no representations or warranties about our information service, and exclude all liability to you that can be excluded by law.

– You will comply with all applicable law.


These Merchant Terms & Conditions may be updated by us at any time.