FAQs for SC Family Day


1. What time will registration start?

  • Ticket registration starts on Wednesday 24th May at 10AM SGT.


2. When does registration close?

  • Ticket registration ends on Sunday 11th June at midnight, or once no tickets are left (whichever happens sooner).


3. How do I know if my registration is confirmed?

  • A confirmation email will be automatically sent to your corporate email address.
  • You can also check your registration through the CardsPal app. ​


4. How many tickets can I register for?

  • Each member of staff can register for up to max 8 tickets, which means 1 ticket for the staff and up to 7 tickets for guests/family members.


5. How can I add more tickets to my registration?

  • To add more tickets (up to a max 8 tickets per staff), simply complete the registration another time. The registration form will automatically check for any previous registration and will remind you on the payment page how many tickets you already paid for.


6. How and where can I collect my Universal Studios Singapore wristbands?

  • Wristbands will be issued as listed below:
    • MBFC Level 21 Connect Zone – 12 June 2023 – 11am – 5pm
    • CBP1 Level 1 – aXess Academy – 13 June 2023 – 10am – 5pm
  • Please present the QR code in the booking confirmation PDF and your staff pass for the collection of tickets.
  • If you are unable to collect in person, you can authorise a colleague to collect on your behalf by sharing the attached booking confirmation PDF to your colleague.


7. I have been issued with the wrong number of wristbands – how can I collect the missing wristbands?

  • You must check the total count of wristbands when you collect and before leaving the collection venue.
  • We cannot entertain any dispute on wristbands after collection.


8. I authorised a colleague (a proxy) to collect wristbands on my behalf but I haven’t received them / didn’t receive the correct number of wristbands

  • It is your responsibility to liaise with anyone you authorise to act as your proxy.
  • Whoever collects the wristbands is responsible to check the total count of wristbands before leaving the collection venue.
  • We cannot entertain any dispute on wristbands after collection.


9. Can I buy additional tickets on the event day?

  • Sale of additional tickets will not be available onsite.


10. Are tickets transferable?

  • Tickets are non-transferrable and must be used by the registered staff on the event day.
  • You will be asked to present your staff pass upon entering the park on the event day


11. Are tickets refundable?

  • We regret that tickets sold are non-refundable.


12. Some of my guests/family will arrive later. Will they be let in on their own?

  • You must go back to the entrance to meet any guests/family arriving later because you will need to show your staff pass.


13. Do my guests/family and I need to keep the wristbands on after entering USS?

  • Yes, you must keep wristbands on throughout the event. Members of the public who are in USS during the day will be guided out of USS at the start of the SC Family Day event and they will be identified by not having wristbands.
  • The issued wristbands are printed by RWS especially for SCB Family Day 2023.
  • This will differentiate SCB staff from Day Pass visitors of theme park.


14. I have accidentally damaged or lost my wristband, can I get a replacement?

  • If your wristband is damaged, please approach RWS staff for assistance.
  • Lost wristbands cannot be replaced. It is your responsibility to keep your wristbands safe before the event and throughout your stay at Universal Studios.


You may refer to Universal Studios Singapore General FAQs for further information