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Articles & Smart Tips

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#FlashDealFriday is coming! 😉

Hey Pals! Did you know that this Friday is our first-ever Flash Deals Friday? TGIF’s just got even sweeter with the best deals for food, drinks, groceries and so much more at just $2. You heard that right…. JUST $2!  For a limited time only, our Flash Deal Friday happens every Friday, 12noon – 12midnight.[…]

Where to go: Deals for your next BIG gathering

As of 29 March 2022, limits on social gathering have increased from the current cap of 5 to now 10. 🥳 Similarly, the 10.30pm alcohol restrictions (sales and consumption) are finally lifted too. 🥳🥳  Now, we can finally invite more of our pals to eat, drink and be merry. We at CardsPal have selected a[…]

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