Account Deletion Terms and Conditions

Updated as of June 2022 


We are sad to see you go, and we will miss you! Please leave us a feedback at on how we may do better.  


By proceeding with your account deletion request, you acknowledge that you have read, and agree to, and accept these terms. Unless otherwise defined, all capitalise terms shall have the same meaning ascribed to them in our Terms of Use 


  • The account deletion process will commence once you have submitted the request and accepted these terms. 


  • By submitting the request to delete your account, you are deemed to have withdrawn your consent for CardsPal to collect, use and/or disclose your personal data.  


  • The account deletion process may take up to 30 days to take effect. 


  • Once you have submitted your request to delete your account, any remaining, unused and/or unexpired vouchers and/or coins, benefits or incentives provided by CardsPal in your account will be forfeited. This process is irreversible, and you will not be able to retrieve any of these upon the initiation of the process. 


  • We may no longer be able to provide you with any services that will require: (i) you to have an active account with us; and/or (ii) us to be able to use and process your personal data. In this regard, we shall not be liable to you for failing to perform any of our obligations to you. 


  • If you have opted to unsubscribe to receiving our marketing materials, you may wish to note that it may take up to 30 calendar days for this to be reflected in our systems. Therefore, you may still receive marketing materials during this period.  


  • Following the deletion of your account, we may continue to retain some of your personal data in line with our legal and regulatory obligations and for business and operational purposes. For further details, please refer to our Privacy Policy. 


  • These terms shall form an integral part of our Terms of Use, and in the event of any inconsistency between the Terms of Use and these terms relating to your account deletion, these terms shall prevail to the extent of such inconsistency.