#FlashDealFriday is coming! 😉

Hey Pals! Did you know that this Friday is our first-ever Flash Deals Friday? TGIF’s just got even sweeter with the best deals for food, drinks, groceries and so much more at just $2. You heard that right…. JUST $2! 

For a limited time only, our Flash Deal Friday happens every Friday, 12noon – 12midnight. Sooooo… mark your calendar, turn on your notifications and rocket your way to these awesome deals. Your Fridays bouts to get better. Happy TGIF! 🥳🥳 

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With CardsPal, you’ll never miss a deal again. Stay updated on the latest deals and browse for deals on the go! You can even add the bank cards you own (no card details required) on the app so we can tailor deals for you according to your cards 😍  

Download CardsPal on the App Store or Google Play Store now to experience all the benefits yourself.  


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