CardsPal Tips for creating the perfect listing on Marketplace

With the upcoming launch of our Marketplace, we are excited to onboard businesses to start selling your valued products and services to our 330,000 users. CardsPal’s users are mainly 21-55 years old, with above average spending power. To help you maximise the value of your listings and boost your sales, we have surveyed our users to find out more about their purchasing habits and preferences. 

For starters, more than 80% of our users are interested in purchasing vouchers on CardsPal. Want to know how your voucher can stand out, and capture the attention of our users? Here are some quick tips to creating the perfect deal listing.  

Voucher Listing Tips: 

1. Competitive discounts  

Undoubtedly, the amount of discount was the most important consideration for users when they buy vouchers. Our users are mostly willing to buy competitively priced vouchers with 10- 20% discounts and above. To ensure that your vouchers are attractive to users, we recommend

✓ Setting attractive discounts for your vouchers 

✓ Comparing your prices with similar merchants on CardsPal 

✓ Differential pricing for peak and off-peak hours/periods  

✓ Setting bigger discounts if items are already low-priced (e.g., $2 off a $5 item) 

2. Long voucher validity 

Due to worries about the ever-changing rules and health concerns arising from Covid-19, users are more mindful when purchasing vouchers and would prefer deals that have longer validity. This allows users to exercise more flexibility when redeeming vouchers, and at their convenient time. As such, users have citied that the validity period of the vouchers are one of the determinant factors when it comes to purchasing vouchers. To ensure that your vouchers are attractive to users, we recommend that: 

✓ Vouchers have a validity of at least 6 months duration  

✓ Vouchers with a shorter validity should be accompanied by a bigger discount (e.g., Flash Sale)  

Vouchers with a shorter validity should have minimal user limitations (i.e., weekdays only, available for selected items only) 

3. Accessibility of vouchers 

Another key consideration for users is the accessibility of the vouchers and merchants. One of the ways that CardsPal helps you to target the right users is through our geolocation notifications that alert users when they are near your outlet. To ensure that your vouchers are attractive to users, we recommend that: 

✓ Vouchers should be made available at all outlets as much as possible  

✓ Vouchers should clearly state whether they are available for online or offline usage 

✓ Staff at all outlets should be well-informed about ongoing promotions to minimise confusion for users during redemption 

✓ Vouchers purchased can also be shared with family or friends (e.g. 1-for-1 deals, buy 3 get 1 free) 

4. Flexible terms 

Finally, users also value vouchers that have greater flexibility in their terms so that it can be more easily used and enjoyed with their loved ones. To ensure that your vouchers are attractive to users, we recommend to: 

✓ Facilitate an easy redemption process with our in-built app feature which allow users to redeem with just one swipe.  

✓ Allow purchase of multiple vouchers to encourage users to make repeated purchases and visits to your business.  

✓ Allow vouchers to be used storewide so that users can have more options. 

 Avoid having minimum spending limit for vouchers. 

 Avoid imposing restrictions such as “weekday only”, “8-10pm only”, unless you offer a variety of vouchers at different prices and timings so that users can choose what they prefer 


With these tips, you are now all set to curate the perfect listing on Marketplace. Stay tuned for our next CardsPal Tips!  


We hope these tips have provided insight to how you can optimise your business expenses. Understanding your business objectives and evaluating your spending can make a big difference in lowering your business costs. By cutting unnecessary costs, you can allocate these savings to areas it’s truly needed in.  

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