Best Food Delivery Credit Card Promo Codes in Singapore (Feb 2022)

Best Food Delivery Credit Card Promo Codes in Singapore (Feb 2022)

Hands up those who are frankly a bit sick of having steamboat or lo-hei over the CNY period. Yes, us too. Eating is our national pastime, and nothing unites us more than good food we can rave about. As Singaporeans, we live to eat and are always on the lookout for the next makan lobang, right?  

Given that there are still restrictions when it comes to dining out at restaurants, why not stay in the comfort of your own home and order in, and save some money as well? With different food delivery apps offering plenty of deals, we dig deep to find the best promotions when you use your credit cards. Happy ordering! 


Grabfood Feb Promo Codes

WhyQ Feb Promo Codes

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