An approach to 2022 through the lens of Numerology – with Health, Wealth, Career and Relationship advice

An approach to 2022 through the lens of Numerology – with Health, Wealth, Career and Relationship advice

2022 is finally here, and we are once again scrambling to make plans and resolutions to become a better version of ourselves in the new year. But beyond setting goals and adopting new hobbies, some of us are looking for new ways to get early insights into the opportunities and challenges in the year ahead, so that we can thrive this year.  

To discover an insightful perspective of 2022, we have engaged professionals from Avant-Empower (AEM) International to share the overall outlook of 2022 through the lens of Numerology 

First up, what is Numerology? 

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Numerology is the science behind the numbers that influences all aspects of our lives. It is believed that this influence and effect happen because of the numbers that we have and use daily – our identification numbers, mobile numbers, car plate numbers as well as the many pin numbers we use in different scenarios. 

By mastering Numerology, we can effectively maximize the advantages we have, as well as eradicate the disadvantages in our lives. One way to do so is through the Applied Methodology Of ShuZi (AMS ShuZi), which focuses on using numerology to help and guide individuals, using numbers to achieve personal breakthroughs in love life, career progression, business breakthroughs, physical and spiritual health, as well as wealth creation.  

So, what does Numerology predict about 2022?  

When we break down 2022, we get the combination of 202 + 22 which essentially depicts two out of the eight stars properties in AMS ShuZi. Here’s what we can expect for the 202 (Yin Fu-Wei) + 22 (FuWei) energy that comes along next year.  Fuwei Number Combination: 11&22 / 88&99 / 77&88 / 33&44 

The character “Fu ” in Chinese represents ambush. Individuals that possess FuWei energy are patient, persevering and extremely careful in what they do. On the flip side, they are passive, conservative, have slow adaptability, can be contradicting and potentially overly cautious till they miss opportunities while patiently waiting and hesitating when opportunities arises.  

With the two properties of Yin FuWei and Fuwei, we are expecting a slower tempo and pace as compared to 2021, with people and businesses being more conservative. With that being said, individuals might tend to use this time to work on themselves or their personal projects. 

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee.  

Two crucial success habits that will help you to strive in what you do next year is to incorporate discipline in what you do and systemize your life and work to align with the energy of FuWei. The passive energy that comes along with Fuwei also means that in whatever we are doing to achieve our goals, consistency and repetitions are two most important factors to incorporate in your daily task.  

Now that you have a view on the overall direction of 2022, let’s dive a little deeper into each of the 4 categories – Health, Wealth, Career and Relationships. 

1. Health 


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Mental wellness is an important aspect in 2022, as most of us have been going through long periods of pressure, adaptations and being pushed to our limits. As we continue to observe and act carefully, the prolonged period of uncertainty will continue to create mounting pressure and that highlights further the importance of mental health recovery in the sustainability of life. 

2. Wealth 

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The management of our finances for the year ahead would be a calculative and a conservative one. The projection of wealth creation in line with time had to be justifiable if not our reserves would be used. 2022 is not a year to be aggressive with our finances. Majority of people are still being cautious with their money as the future unfolds, as there may appear to be opportunities that also seem too big of a risk to take. Be prepared for the worst but continue to seek opportunities for financial growth and wealth creation. 

3. Career 


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Stability in career is expected if you’ve put in the work all this while. For people in their new jobs, it is a good time to study the scopes well and work patiently while maintaining a positive attitude because just like everything else, the duality of numbers can also mean a slower progression and a harder chance to achieve breakthrough in your career this year. Understanding of your Life Blueprint Potential & having good afterbirth numbers will be crucial to helping you achieve your breakthrough this year.  

4. Relationships 

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When it comes to relationships, do not shy away from opportunities that get you a chance to forge friendships with new people or develop a deeper relationship with your loved ones! Fuwei brings a mental state of “passivity” when it comes to relationship building, but we all know that being too passive will not strengthen any relationships. So, take any opportunities that you have to catch up with old friends, meet up with business associates and organize fun outings with family and friends to strengthen your relationships with them.  

It’s all in the numbers!  

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This article is contributed by Avant-Empower (AEM) International.   

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