5 Oishii Japanese Cuisines that will take you to the Land of the Rising Sun

5 Oishii Japanese Cuisines that will take you to the Land of the Rising Sun

From the new variety of anime series on Netflix, to the number of Japanese grocery marts and eateries in town, it’s clear that Singaporeans love Japan. In fact, ask anyone where they’d like to go once travelling becomes safer again – there’s a high chance they’d say “Japan”. 

You may not be able to fly to the Land of the Rising Sun now, but you sure can transport your taste buds there! Here are 5 most-loved Japanese cuisines, and where you can get an awesome discount for them. 

#1: Sushi  

Credits: The Travel Insider 

Sushi Tei 

Deal: 1-for-1 lobster salad roll  

Validity: Mon to fri, now till 31 March 2022 

Card to use: UOB 

Address: Multiple outlets 

View deal here. 

The freshest gems of the ocean are carefully topped upon perfected rolled vinegared rice balls. Delicately crafted and delightful on the palate, the sushi is a masterpiece on its own. Savour this exquisite treat with chopsticks, or how the Japanese enjoy it – with your hands! 

#2: Onigirazu (Onigiri Sandwich) 

Credits: Asia361 

Tsuta Japanese Dining  

Deal: 1-for-1 on selected dishes

Validity: Till 31 Mar 2022 

Card to use: DBS 

Address: Multiple outlets 

View deal here. 

What do you get when you mix an Onigiri (rice ball wrapped with seaweed) with a western sandwich? An Onigirazu! Succulent slices of meat, fluffy egg and sometimes fresh vegetables are folded between fragrant rice, something like a delicious flat Asian burrito. 

Try the luncheon meat or the Char Siu rendition, 10/10 recommended! 

#3: Bento 

Credits: Tenkachi 

Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant 

Deal: 1-for-1 on Bento menu  

Validity: Till 31 Dec 2021 

Card to use: DBS 

Address: 2 outlets – Marina Square and Cineleisure Orchard 

View deal here. 

The Bento is super wholesome. There’s a good portion of rice, meat, vegetables and fruits, packed into a nourishing lunch box to satisfy your soul and body. Here at Tenkaichi, the conventional bento receives a scrumptious upgrade. Indulge in choices of meat such as the Mentaiko on grilled meat, truffle pork and even Wagyu beef!  

#4: Ramen 

Credits: Quandoo 


Deal: 10% off min. $50 spend 

Validity: Till 31 Dec 2021 

Card to use: HSBC card 

Address: Multiple outlets 

Find out more about Kanada-Ya’s deal here. 

Springy ramen noodles in a piping hot bowl of rich broth. Slurp it up and taste the umami bursting forth! It’s no wonder the soup is so flavourful; it’s made from boiling pork bones for hours on end, until all the goodness and collagen from the pork turns the stock a satisfying, creamy consistency.  

Love to try something different? Kanada-Ya offers spicy yuzu ramen, as well as truffle ramen to shake things up! 

#5: Tempura 

Credits: Seth Lui 


Deal: 10% off a la carte menu 

Validity: now till 31 December 2021 

Card to use: SAFRA 

Address: Multiple outlets 

View deal here. 

The Japanese have mastered the secret to making vegetables taste good. After being coated in smooth batter and deep-fried, the most mundane of vegetables become glorious. Crunchy and slightly salty on the outside, and soft and juicy on the inside, the tempura is a hot favourite amongst the young and old. 

For kids who hate their veggies, this may be a starting point! 

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