3 ways to choose the ideal renovation firm for your home

3 ways to choose the ideal renovation firm for your home

Home is where the heart is. Beautifying the home is a great way to create a unique sanctuary that you can return to at the end of a tiring day. With so many interior design firms out there, it’s easy to be spoiled for choice. Here are three savvy ways on how you can choose your ideal renovation firm to create your dream home. 

1. Choose a firm with quality assurance

As renovation can be a complex and costly affair, it is important to choose a firm that guarantees quality in its craftsmanship. This means that the firm should have a wealth of prior experience in executing top-quality renovations. 

Consider Portbee, a renovation firm in Singapore with more than 15 years of experience in the local market. Through the years, they have taken up renovation projects for different types of residential homes, in estates at Yishun and Bukit Timah. 

Portbee prides itself on excellent craftsmanship, ensuring that all stages of the renovation process are executed with utmost dedication, presenting you with products that are refined and durable.  

Portbee is also committed to providing regular updates on the progress of your renovation so you know what’s going on at each step of your renovation! 

2. Choose a firm which offers warranty for its workmanship 

After renovation, some homeowners may experience issues in areas such as electric works, tiling, painting and waterproofing. Therefore, it is ideal to choose a renovation firm that offers warranty for its workmanship. 

Take for example, Portbee, which promises a 2-year warranty on its renovation projects. This means that you can put fears about possible defects to rest. With them, you can renovate with peace of mind! 

3. Choose a renovation firm with promos that save you more 

Save more on your renovation with promos! To help you achieve your dream home for less, Portbee has partnered with CardsPal to launch 2 promos on the CardsPal app.   

Kitchen Cabinet Promo

Looking for a kitchen cabinet to furnish your abode? If a sleek and minimalist cabinet design is what you desire, this promo is perfect for you! Portbee offers a handle-less, slab-door cabinet that is 6 metres long and has a beautiful tabletop. Find out more about this deal here

Work-from-home Promo

In addition, Portbee offers a work-from-home deal to convert your home into a comfortable office to boost your productivity. With this promotion, enjoy a free consultation and 3D room impression to create your customised workspace. Find out more about this deal here

Relax and enjoy the full Portbee experience 

Love the functionality and aesthetics of Portbee’s design? Experience an environment fully designed by them at Orchid Country Club at Yishun! With their current promotion, you’d get to enjoy these comfortable and luxurious rooms at a discount.

Portbee is now having a discount for stays of 4 weeks or more, perfect for those looking for temporary lodging when their homes are undergoing renovation. Simply quote Portbee’s discount code -“OCCSTAY”- to get 10% off for a 4-week stay and 20% off for an 8-week or more stay at Orchid Country Club! Contact them here for queries.

Maximize Your Rewards with CardsPal    

Want to save even more on your new home? Check out our promos for items in your home, such as furniture and electronic appliances. What’s more, start maximising your cashback with our Cashback Calculator that empowers you to choose the best cards for your purchases. 

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store now and get the latest deals, tailored according to the cards you own!  

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