How to spot a baller from their credit cards

How to spot a baller from their credit cards

Ever wondered how to identify crazy rich Asians in Singapore? Let us feed your curiosity! We have compiled for you the most exclusive cards enjoyed by ballers in Singapore so that you can get into their good books (kidding)! 

Before we delve into these prestigious cards, let’s clarify a question you may have in mind.  

What do these exclusive credit cards refer to? 

These cards include metal credit cards or credit cards that cater to high-income groups due to their incredibly high annual fees and minimum annual income. Some of these prestigious cards are also ‘by invite only’ where you require a specific credit rating or income to qualify for these exclusive cards.  

Have you ever been at an Atas place and seen someone wipe out a black or expensivelooking card from their wallets? Yes, he’s probably holding an expensive card and is a baller!  

Here, we share 5 of the most Atas credit cards in Singapore for you to spot the ballers around you! 

Excited to find out more? Read on!

Credit Card Name Annual Fee PrivilegesEligibility
American Express Centurion Card $5,000 -Priority pass membership

-Hotel perks at top hotels such as Hilton and Marriot

-Exclusive Airport lounge access
Minimum spending of between S$300,000 to S$500,000 in one calendar year
Citi Ultima Card $4,160 -complimentary companion ticket when a first or business class ticket is purchased on any 8 carriers including American Airlines and British Airways. (practically 1-for-1!)

-Hotel perks including complimentary night stay with a minimum of two nights booked at selected hotels

-Priority pass memberships
Minimum annual income of S$500,000
DBS Insignia Card $3,120-Airport lounge access

-Free hotel stays for 2 nights at selected luxury hotels

-Exclusive club memberships
Minimum annual income of S$500,000
UOB Reserve Card $3,852-Access to private members-only clubs such as Sentosa Golf Club

-Unlimited miles purchase

-Additional privileges for Diamond cardmembers

-Complimentary 2nd night hotel stay

-Complimentary birthday treats
Minimum annual income of S$500,000 or at least S$2 million in deposit in a UOB account
Standard Chartered Visa Infinite X $695.50-Complimentary priority pass to lounges around the world

- Flexibility in the redemption of air miles, cash rewards and travel credits
Minimum annual income of S$30,000 for priority and private banking customers, and S$80,000 for all other customers

1. American Express Centurion Card 

Photo via American Express

The American Express Centurion Card is a highly sought-after credit card, surrounded by secrecy due to the prestigious nature of the card. Even a simple Google Search on this card will prove to be difficult due to the card’s mysterious and exclusive nature. The Centurion Card is a by-invite-only card, with a high initiation fee of S$7500 as well as an annual fee of S$5,000.  

What’s more, to be eligible, cardholders must also have a minimum spending of between S$300,000 to S$500,000 in one calendar year! However, the high price of this card is matched with premium benefits such as hotel perks at top hotels like Hilton and Marriot.  

Moreover, you get exclusive airport lounge access to sit back and relax before flying! 

So, if you see this expensive-looking card, you know who you’re dealing with!  

And a side note, but if you think you’re eligible, click here to indicate interest in the American Express Centurion Card. 


Shocked at the high initiation fee? Some are even higher!

2. Citi Ultima Card 

Photo via MileLion

The Citi Ultima Card is one of Citi Banks’s best luxury credit cards, described to provide impeccable services that only connoisseurs of the good life can appreciate according to the CitiBank website. Wow, sounds fancy!  

Just like the American Express Centurion Card, the Ultima Card is by-invite-only. To be eligible for this card, cardholders require a minimum annual income of S$500,000! Furthermore, the Citi Ultima Card has a high non-waivable annual fee of S$4,160. Anyone who can easily part with such a sum just for a credit card subscription must surely be a baller. 

However, the rewards are equally impressive. Privileges include a complimentary companion ticket when cardholders purchase a first or business class ticket on any 8 carriers including American Airlines and British Airways.  

Cardholders also get to enjoy hotel perks such as a complimentary night stay with a minimum of two nights booked at selected hotels. How amazing. Time to look out for friends with these cards for your group staycations. 

Eligible and interested in applying? Find out more from your Citigold Private Client Relationship Manager (yes, even the application is exclusive). 


How exclusive! Read on to find out about more prestigious cards!

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3. DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card 

Photo via DBS Treasures

The DBS Insignia Card is a premium card for DBS cardholders. Just like those above, it is offered to cardholders on an invite-only case 

Something amazing about this card is that it holds up to S$1 million credit to your name. To be invited for this card, you need to have a minimum annual income of S$500,000, just like the Citi Ultima Card.  

The DBS Insignia Card may seem more attainable due to its lower annual fee of S$3,120 of any card in the high S$500,000 segment but drawbacks include no limo benefit. This means that you may not get to enjoy the experience of being driven around by a personal chauffeur, a feature that such prestigious cards commonly have.  

Amazing privileges include airport lounge access, free hotel stays for 2 nights at selected luxury hoteland exclusive club memberships.  

If you are interested, click here to find out more.

4. UOB Reserve Card 

Photo via UOB

Offering highly personalized services with exclusive privileges, the UOB Reserve Card is one of UOB’s top luxury cards with an annual fee of S$3,852. To be eligible for this card, potential cardholders need to have a minimum annual income of S$500,000 or at least S$2 million in deposit in a UOB account.  

In addition, with its prestigious nature, the UOB Reserve Card is offered on an invite-only basis when income and spending criteria are fulfilled. Special privileges of this card include access to private members-only clubs such as Sentosa Golf Club, the place where you see high-SES Singaporeans play golf.  

And if this is not exclusive enough, there is also a UOB Reserve Diamond Card where you have to spend S$1 million in the first year to even qualify for this card. Therefore, when you see someone holding on to this card, you know he’s one of the crazy rich Asians! 

If you are interested, click here to find out more. 


Wow we need to collect many deals to earn that much money!

5. Standard Chartered Visa Infinite X  

Photo Via Standard Chartered

Best known for the flexibility of the redemption of its miles, the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite X Card is one of the most-hyped credit cards in Singapore that appears to be more affordable than other luxury cards.  

The Infinite X Card has a lower annual fee of S$695.50 as compared to other prestigious cards. This card is eligible to priority and private banking customers who have a minimum annual income of S$30,000. For all other customers, the card is eligible for those who have a minimum income of S$80,000. 

Key benefits of this credit card include complimentary priority pass to Priority Pass lounges around the world as well as air miles acquisition opportunities where you get a chance to earn up to 300,000 bonus welcome miles!  

Seen someone with this card before? Probably a high-flyer who enjoys collecting his miles! 

If you are interested to apply for this card, click here. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about these baller cards! Now you’re in better stead to identify Singapore’s very own Crazy Rich Asians when you see one!  


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