7 Best Cashback Credit Cards in Singapore 2021

7 Best Cashback Credit Cards in Singapore 2021

Want to recoup a portion of your spending through credit cards with the highest cashback in Singapore? Look no further as we walk you through the best cashback credit cards in Singapore to help you enjoy plentiful rewards while saving money! 

Before we present our top picks of credit cards with the highest cashback in Singapore, here’s a quick introduction about how cashback credit cards work and how to use them.


What are these cashback credit card rewards and how do I earn them?  

Use a cashback credit card for your spend and you will receive a rebate on your purchase in the form of cashback. This cashback will be in the form of credit that will be given to you in your next monthly credit card statement.  


Read on to find out what kind of rebates you can get!


Which cashback card should I choose? 

Cashback is awarded for purchases of many types of goods and services such as online shopping, dining, transport and groceries. Therefore, to choose the best cashback credit card for you, evaluate your potential spending behaviour and credit card usage to decide what reward features are the most useful for you.  

Often, there are two types of cashback credit cards: one with higher cashback rates but a minimum spend and cashback cap, and another with no minimum spend and no cashback cap 


YES! Shopping is one category for Cashback rewards!


Got a better idea of what cashback credit cards are? Check out our compilation of the best credit cards with the highest cashback in Singapore! 


Name of Credit Card Best Cashback for Cashback RateMinimum SpendCashback Cap per month Annual Fee Waiver
UOB YOLO Card Dining, Entertainment, Travel-8% cashback on dining, entertainment, grab and UOB Travel Spend

-3% cashback on online fashion and Travel spend

-0.3% cashback on all other spend
$600 per month $60 cap1-year
DBS Live Fresh Card Online and contactless spend 5% cashback on online and visa contactless spend $600 per month - $20 cap on eligible online spend

- $20 cap on eligible Visa Contactless Spend

- $20 cap on all other spend
Citi Cash Back CardDining, groceries, petrol -6% cashback on dining

-8% cashback on groceries

-Up to 20.88% fuel savings at Esso and Shell and 8% cashback at other petrol stations
$800 per month $80 cap 1-year
CIMB Visa Signature Card Online shopping, beauty and wellness, groceries, pet shops, veterinary services and cruises -10% cashback on online shopping, groceries and more

-Unlimited 0.2% cashback
$800 per month $20 cap per category No fees
American Express True Cashback Card All spends -3% cashback for the first 6 months, up to $5000 spend

-Unlimited cashback on all purchases

-Additional cashback on foreign currency
No minimum spendNo cashback cap1-year
POSB Everyday Card All spends
-Up to 10% cash rebates on dining and online shopping at selected e-Marketplaces$800 per month $30 cap with $15 cap per category1-year
HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card Dining, leisure, retail -5% cash rebate on your family spend on dining, groceries and fuel $600 in a calendar quarter $250 cap per quarter 2-years


1. UOB YOLO Card – For the party-goers

Photo via UOB

The UOB YOLO Card is best for the party crowd who enjoy going out to dine and chill with friends. With this credit card, eat, drink and play on repeat as you earn 8% cashback on weekend dining and entertainment, weekend grab and weekend UOB travel spend!  

Busy on weekends? Not to worry! With the YOLO Card, you also get to enjoy 3% cashback on weekday dining and entertainment, weekday grab as well as online fashion and travel spend! Moreover, this card has a 1-year fee waiver to cut down additional expenditures! 

To apply for this card, click here. 


2. DBS Live Fresh Card – For the online shoppers


Photo via ValueChampion

Enjoy online shopping? The DBS Live Fresh Card is perfect for you! Enjoy up to 5% cashback on online spending including online gaming purchases (gamer rejoice!). Moreover, this credit card allows you to earn 5% cashback on Visa contactless spend, including mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.  

With so many functions, the DBS Live Fresh Card is the perfect all-in-one card to meet your ATM, retail and transit needs with amazing cashback returns! 

To apply for this card, click here. 


3. Citi Cash Back Credit Card – For dining, petrol and groceries spenders


Photo via Citi

A minimum fuss-free card, the Citi Cash Back Credit card is suitable for those with significant spend on groceries and petrol. With this credit card, you get to enjoy 8% cashback on groceries at any supermarket or grocery store, and 8% cashback on petrol.  

Hungry after all the travelling? Enjoy 6% cashback on your favourite cafes or fast-food restaurants! While enjoying these benefits, don’t forget there is a minimum monthly spend of $800 to earn cashback. 

To apply for this card, click here. 


“Never knew I could save this much!”


4. CIMB Visa Signature Card – For all-rounded spenders


Photo via ValueChampion

Available for use across categories like online shopping, groceries, pet shops, beauty and wellness, the CIMB Visa Signature Card is suitable for any occasion! Whether you’re treating yourself to a facial or pampering your pet, this credit card rewards you with 10% cashback, with no annual fees 

Speaking of no annual fees, we’ve previous written a guide for credit cards without annual fees so you don’t have to shell out extra money to use your credit cards.

In addition, get an unlimited 0.2% cashback on other retail purchases all at no minimum spend or monthly cap.

To apply for this card, click here. 


5. American Express True Cashback Card – For simple cashback on everyday spends


Photo via American Express

With no minimum monthly spends or cashback cap, the American Express True Cashback Card rewards you with 1.5% cashback on all eligible purchases! Just registered for this card? American Express welcomes you with 3% cashback for the first 6 months with up to $5,000 spend 

What’s special about this card is that there are no complicated spending requirements to qualify for cashback rewards. You also get to enjoy your cashback in the same month as your purchases! Instantly gratified.

To apply for this card, click here


6. POSB Everyday Card – For everyday spending


Photo via POSB

Suitable for everyday spending, the POSB Everyday Card offers up to 8% cash rebates on dining and online shopping at selected e-Marketplaces. Having a Netflix-and-chill day? With the POSB Everyday Card, enjoy 8% cash rebates on online food delivery from Foodpanda and Deliveroo exclusively. 

An avid online shopper? No worries, the POSB Everyday Card rewards you with up to 3% rebates on online shopping at Shopee and Lazada as well! 

To apply for this card, click here 


7. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card – Ideal for families


Photo via HSBC

Great for families, the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card makes family expenditure more affordable with 5% cash rebate on family spend on dining, groceries and fuel. These rebates help you to save on your daily expenses but with a minimum spend of $600 monthly in a calendar quarter.

As compared to similar cards such as the Citi Cashback Card, this card has a lower minimum spend. However, it also has a lower cashback rate. 

Furthermore, enjoy $30 cashback bonus when you apply for this card online with MyInfo via SingPass. Not to mention, this card has a 2-year annual fee waiver! 

To apply for this card, click here 


In summary

On the quest to find that 1 perfect card that checks all the boxes? Unfortunately, there isn’t one. Card benefits are balanced such that lower minimum spending are paired with lower cashback rates and vice versa. Commitment and perks are often tied to one another.

To maximise your savings, it’s best to have a combination of cards that suit you best. Matching the payment card to the purchase skilfully would save you more as compared to settling on 1 go-to card that serves all purposes.

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