CardsPal’s Cashback Calculator Brings You The Highest Cashback!

CardsPal’s Cashback Calculator Brings You The Highest Cashback!

Do you keep track of where your money goes each day? It may be a shopping spree on payday, that coffee date you brought your significant other to, or your grocery run at the friendly supermart downstairsImagine if you could save on every one of those activities, no matter how insignificant. The sum of little pennies could lead to a lot more than you’d expect! Thankfully, in the age of cashless payment, saved pennies are digital, credited to your bank account instead of jingling in your pocket.  

On the topic of saving more, we aren’t referring to lunch specials or item promotions. That requires patience in waiting for items to go on sale, and merchants to dish out seasonal offers. We’re talking about saving up wherever you go, whenever you choose!  

How? You ask. Enter credit cards. There’s a card for every activity and purpose, and using the right card for the right purchase can get you bountiful savings and rewardsSee how this lady signed up for a total of 12 credit and debit cards in order to rack up benefits from every spending category. A prudent wealth management strategy, we say 

Gone are the days where you’d have to memorise the features of each card in order to flash them out at the opportune time. CardsPal saves you all that effort with our newly launched Cashback CalculatorWe’ll compare for you in an instant, so you can focus on enjoying yourself  



How It Works: 

Upon selecting the cards that you own from our list of featured cards (no personal card details needed!), the system enables you to compare your credit and debit cards for the highest cashback at each point of purchase. Sounds abstract? 

Let us show you how step by step. 


Step 1: Download the latest version of the Cardspal mobile appSee that Cashback Calculator icon on the home page? Click on that to get started.  


Cashback calculator on our home page 


Step 2: Share with us which merchant you’d like to purchase fromThere’s more when you scroll down. Don’t see your favourite merchant? Let us know and you may just see it during our next app update! 


CardsPal's Cashback Calculator 2

Select the store you’d like to shop at 


Step 3: Next, key in the estimated amount you’d be spending on your purchase.


CardsPal's Cashback Calculator_3

Key in estimated spending 


Step 4: Voilà! See the list of credit and debit cards you can use to get the highest cashback. The estimated cashback amount is stated as well. 


CardsPal's Cashback Calculator_4

Results from the Cashback Calculator 


Step 5: Click on each card to check out the card features and other notes in greater detail. 


CardsPal cashback cal_5

CardsPal cashback calculator_6

Card info available


Why It’s Useful:

Not only does the Cashback Calculator recommends cards that you possess, but also those that you don’t own. The system highlights multiple cards that can get you the most attractive cashback available, so you get a fuller picture.  

Want to save more with credit cards but don’t have the time to do the research? The Cashback Calculator would be helpful for you to learn more about the cards in the market that best suit your spending habits.

Discovered some new cardwith awesome rewards and savings? Compare them effortlessly with our Compare Cards function under the cards tab. With a click of a button, we’ll compare the cards sidebyside, giving you a comprehensive rundown of the main features and important things to note, such as the minimum monthly payment, interest-free period and annual card fees.  


CardsPal's Cashback Calculator_compare

Quick comparison of cards


Narrowed down to a card you’d like to register forClick on the “apply now” button and we’ll bring you to the official card website for sign up. Hassle-free. 

Signing up for a card needs thorough consideration. Easily get a second opinion before making that commitment. Share the cards you’re considering with your financial guru friends via our nifty share function located at the top of the page. 


CardsPal's Cashback Calculator_share

Share and consult a friend!


How To Try It:

Can’t wait to start maximising your cards with CardsPal’s Cashback Calculator? Download our app and register an account to get started! Deals for dining, online shopping and leisure from Singapore’s favourite merchants await. 


Get the Best deals on CardsPal App!

Check out the CardsPal app to keep up to date on the latest deals and start browsing for deals on the go! CardsPal is the convenient one-stop app where we show you the best deals in town so you never have to miss a deal again! Get to know us here. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store now and get the latest deals, tailored according to the cards you own!


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