Enjoy These CNY Delights With $5 Off

Enjoy These CNY Delights With $5 Off

CardsPal is giving every new registrant $5 off their foodpanda order until March 1, 2020. No tricks, no gimmicks. Simply download the CardsPal mobile app and this promo will pop right up. There, I’ve cut to the chase and dished out the best, fuss-free deal you can get right now. Here are some ideas on the delectable CNY treats you can order with your $5 promo code 


5 CNY Delights on foodpanda


1. CNY Prosperity Yu Sheng (with Abalone)

Photo via Paradise Classic

Yu Sheng, or colloquially known as Lou Hei, is a classic CNY dish in Singapore. Customarily eaten on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, it has become a staple at most CNY gatherings to celebrate or hope for a year of prosperity and fortune. Brought to Singapore by our forefathers, this dish has 17 main ingredients – fresh fish (usually smoked salmon), white radish, shredded carrots, shredded cucumber, cut capsicum, pomelo, pickled ginger, Chinese parsley, roasted and unsalted peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, five-spice powder, crackers (symbolising gold ingots), plum sauce, lemon juice, water, peanut oil and sesame oil.  

With the restrictions placed by the Singapore government, DJBENG has come up with an clever audio solution to “shout out” auspicious words during the prosperity tossing of Yu Sheng. Get everyone to press the button on their phone at the same time for added cheer. 

Order from: 

Paradise Classic (Marina Bay Link Mall)  

A-One Claypot House (Chinatown Point) 

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen 

Sakae Sushi 


2. Fish Maw Soup 

Photo via A-One Claypot House

A good substitute for Shark’s Fin Soup, Fish Maw Soup is also commonly enjoyed during the Lunar New Year. Consisting of four main ingredients- fish maw, eggs, crab meat and chicken stock – it is believed to have nutritional benefits. With a good amount of collagen, fish maw is believed to help keep one’s skin youthful and smooth. Interestingly, fish maw is the bladder of fish. What can I say, we Asians don’t waste food. #sustainability  

Order from: 

A-One Claypot House (Chinatown Point) 


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3. Golden Cold Platter

Photo via A-One Claypot House

The appetizer at most Chinese wedding banquets, the golden cold platter consists of jellyfish, bean curd, octopus, seaweed, pork or chicken slices and lobster or shrimp. The chicken is used to represent a phoenix while the lobster, a dragon – the two beloved mystical creatures revered in Chinese culture.  

Order from: 

A-One Claypot House (Chinatown Point)


4. Fortune Glutinous Rice Cake

Photo via Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen

A dish fit for the gods, this CNY delight is made of just glutinous rice flour, water and sugar. It is made as an offering to both the God of Heaven – the Jade Emperor – and the Kitchen God. The sticky nature of this sweet treat is believed to keep the mouth of the Kitchen God closed so that he is unable to badmouth any family members during the Lunar New Year.  

Best eaten with fried yam and banana.  

Order from: 

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen (Suntec City)

Tim Ho Wan (Marina Bay Sands) 

Treasures Yi Dian Xin (Raffles City)


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5. Whole Chicken 

Photo via Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen

A whole chicken represents family togetherness and therefore, is served in its entirety with the head and feet intact. In some households, the chicken’s feet are reserved for the breadwinners of the family to help them grasp onto wealth.  

A fuss-free yet delicious method of preparing a Lunar New Year chicken is by marinating it in light soy sauce, cooking wine, ginger, and green onions before sending it off to the steamer. 

Order from: 

Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen (Suntec City) 

Nanyang Hainanese Chicken Rice (29A Ghim Moh)

Wang Lao Wu Chicken King (Chinatown)


 6. Steamed Yam Cake with Chinese Sausage 

Photo via Tim Ho Wan

Piping hot yam cake that is soft yet slightly springy serves up a delicious consistency with every bite. With savoury Chinese sausage slices, freshly cut spring onion, and fried shallots sprinkled atop, this cake is a popular dim-sum dish amongst the young and old.

As with many Chinese New Year dishes, the dish name is of prime importance; a good dish should have an auspicious ring to it. Yam cake is “芋头糕 (Yu Tou Gao)” in Mandarin. “糕 (gao)” is a homophone of high, rising and growth in Mandarin. This cake hence symbolises the welcoming of great fortune and prosperity in every endeavor.

Order from:

Tim Ho Wan (Marina Bay Sands) 


7. Hot Pot

Photo via Haidilao

According to Forbes, the richest man in Singapore runs a Hot Pot business, Haidilao. It’s no doubt or secret that hot pot is loved by many here in Singapore. It is enjoyed both at home and in restaurants. And now, we can even “order the restaurant into our home” through food delivery.  

Usually eaten on the eve of CNY, hot pot or steamboat symbolises reunion of the family due to its round shape. Families gather around this warm wok and cook together amidst beer and chatter. 

Order from: 


Shang Pin Hotpot  


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