A List of The Top Money-Saving Telegram Channels in Singapore

Tired of constantly scouring the internet for the best deals? Want daily updates on money-saving promotions applicable to you? Telegram channels are a convenient platform which helps you make better decisions on managing your finances by offering timely updates on the best deals and promotions out there! However, there are so many channels out there so you may ask – which ones are worth subscribing to? Look no further as we break down the best money-saving telegram channels right here!  


1. SG Food Deals 

Every Singaporean loves their food and what makes food better is when it comes with a discount😊 As such, it is no surprise that telegram channels dedicated to showing the best food deals in Singapore have sprouted. One of the most prominent channels would be SG Food Deals which focuses on finding the best promotions and deals related to food. Enjoy discounted meals at hawkers, high-end restaurants or even delivery deals by subscribing to this channel so that you can enjoy your favourite food without burning a hole in your wallet. 

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2. SG Overseas Deals 

Even though travelling may be restricted now with the COVID-19 pandemic, this channel is certainly not obsolete. Prior to the implementation of travel restrictions, the channel largely focused on flight and hotel promotions for Singaporeans to score a great deal. If you are one to camp for cheap flights or hotels, this channel is definitely for you as you will receive automatic push notifications of the best deals around! However, the channel has since evolved to explore deals and promotions relating to overseas brands. Purchasing these imported products can definitely come at a hefty price and coupled with travel restrictions, it comes near impossible for Singaporeans to buy their favourite foreign products today. However, SG Overseas Deals solves this problem by bringing your attention to the best promotions that are currently in the market. 

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3. SG Kiasu Foodies 

This telegram channel holds the title of most followers on this list and it curates the latest food deals and promotions for Singaporeans. While it may seem like SG Kiasu Foodies is extremely similar to the first channel on this list – SG Food Deals, both channels offer different deals and promotions daily. Hence, being a typical kiasu Singaporean, you should definitely subscribe to both so that you don’t miss out on any food deals. 

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4. CardsPal 

The CardsPal telegram channel is fairly new to the game but we cover the best credit card deals applicable to you, ranging from dining and travel deals to retail and online deals. This differentiates us from many other telegram channels out there as we aim to be a consolidator of all deals, regardless of category. Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for exclusive tips and tricks on making informed financial decisions as your navigate through life. Subscribe to our channel now to get all the money-saving promotions and tips applicable to you! 

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Instead of cluttering your telegram with multiple money-saving channels, why not get your dose of great deals on a single mobile platform instead? CardsPal is the convenient one stop app where we show you the best deals in town so you never have to miss a deal again! This helps you save both effort and time in constantly searching for deals on multiple avenues. Get to know us here. Download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store now and get the latest deals, tailored according to the cards you own. 



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