Getting Your Caffeine Fix

A daily morning coffee is a necessity for many as a perk-me-up. This gets your adrenaline pumping and prepares you to take on the day ahead! However, there are so many options available for you to get your caffeine fix – from grabbing a cup from a nearby coffee shop to making some instant coffee out of your kitchen. As the taste buds of coffee drinkers become more discerning and with more people gaining interest in finding out more about different types of coffees available, we have seen a gradual peak in popularity of home-brewers using their Nespresso machines. Such pod machines have extremely low maintenance apart from the occasional washing and they take up minimal counter space in your kitchen. As such, we will be introducing some alternative coffee pods and capsule brands which are also compatible with your Nespresso machine. 


1. Hook Coffee

Price: S$14 for 20 capsules for subscribers; S$18 for non-subscribers 

Region: Africa, Asia and Central America 

Where to get it: Available online at Hook Coffee

Homegrown brand Hook Coffee offers unique naming conventions for patrons to truly understand the flavour profile of the coffee pods they purchase. With interesting flavours and name plays such as Give Me S’mores and The Grape Gatsby, your box of Hook Coffee will certainly bring joy to your morning routine. Hook Coffee also works on a subscription basis but this can be customised based on how much coffee you want and how frequently you want it. The coffee beans are also sourced directly from farmers, which implies that these farmers get a bigger share of revenue. 


2. Justin MetCalf

Price: S$8.50 for 10 capsules 

Region: Africa, Asia and Central America 

Where to get it: Available at any Fairprice outlet or Fairprice Online 

World-renowned coffee guru and World Barista judge Justin MetCalf’s own coffee line has also created coffee pods which are compatible with the Nespresso machine. The coffee pods are sealed individually to ensure freshness while making it a convenient option to carry around. The robust coffee was nicely balanced with a pleasant taste which gave off a warm aroma and yet does not overpower taste buds. Their coffee beans are also sustainably and ethically sourced from plantations around the world, in line with fair trade. 


3. The Providore 

Price: S$19 for 20 capsules 

Region: Asia and Central America  

Where to get it: Available at The Providore

Fans of The Providore can now attempt to replicate their favourite coffee blends from the comfort of their own homes. Opt for The Providore’s Main Blend which has been roasted exclusively in Melbourne, and is a brilliant and safe choice for most coffee lovers. If this is not up your alley, you can also choose from three other available coffee pods – their Decaf Blend which gives off a hint of caramel, their Organic Blend which has a faint taste of cocoa and their Single Origin Blend which comes with lemon and chocolate notes. 


4. Tripod Coffee

Price: S$7.50 for 10 capsules 

Region: Africa 

Where to get it: Available online at Tripod Coffee

Sydney-based Australian coffee brand, Tripod Coffee, is well known for the smooth aroma of their coffee. With three unique coffee pod names such as Blue Beret, Black Panama and Red Fedora, each product offers a distinct blend for coffee enthusiasts to find the perfect brew for them. Tripod Coffee also scores on our list for their cute packaging and their environmental consciousness as their capsules are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Each blend is carefully roasted with fair-trade beans sustainably and ethically sourced from Africa.  


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